Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

If you are confused by the notion that those least able to pay are the ones singled out to pay the highest rates, welcome to the American medical marketplace.

I literally shook as I read Steven Brill’s epic breakdown of inflated medical expenses — not because I was angry (though I was), but because there is nothing —nothing — that terrifies me more than the American healthcare system.

Statistically speaking, you might encounter some pretty heinous stuff over the course of a typical human lifespan in this country. You might be struck in a car accident, be gunned down in an elementary school or movie theater, blown up in an office building. You might, but you probably won’t.

But as it stands today, you are almost certain, pratically guaranteed, to get fucked by healthcare bills at some point. It’s just a question of how badly. 

(Source: thefeature.net)